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Well Operation Software

Summit Casing Equipment is proud to offer our customers access to two comprehensive well operation software systems: CentraDesign and TADPRO. These well operation technology systems provide optimum schematics for centralizer placing with torque and drag readings. By utilizing these systems, Summit Casing Equipment can pinpoint and personalize each drill site for maximum effectiveness and performance. What’s more, this service is offered free of charge and without obligation to every Summit Casing Equipment customer.

Our groundbreaking software helps keep you ahead of the competition.


  • 3D buckling visualization
  • Import survey from text (ASCII) file or PDF file
  • Enhanced survey tortuosity
  • Rotation, drilling, back reaming, tripping and casing flotation
  • Stretch / twist / neutral point
  • Sensitivity analysis on friction factors
  • Friction factor calibration
  • Tripping animation
  • Torque and drag for cementing job
  • Packer setting analysis
  • Field data comparison
  • Multi-language (English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Portuguese)
  • MS Word report
TADPRO drilling software pinpoints and personalizes each drill siteTADPRO well software provides optimum schematics for centralizer placement

Centradesign Software

  • 3D well path visualization
  • Torque and drag
  • Casing deflection and bow compression
  • Bow-spring and rigid centralizers
  • Tubular and centralizer database
  • Tripping animation with torque and drag profiles
  • Casing flotation
  • MS Word report
  • US oil field, SI and customized units
CentraDesign oil well software ensures maximum effectiveness and performanceCentraDesign oil drilling software reports accurate torque and drag readings
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