Safety is critical


Summit Casing Equipment’s goal is to ensure our policies and activities protect and promote the health and safety of our customers, our employees and the environment.  To achieve this, all our team members are committed to complying with all applicable safety and environmental regulations and standards during all activities and operations.

At Summit, safety is a crucial part of our day to day criteria.


Summit Casing Equipment employees will comply with all safety, environmental regulations and laws. It is the responsibility of all team members to meet both company and industry expectations.

The overall success of the safety and environmental program depends upon the conscientious and collaborative efforts of management, supervisors and employees.

Primary responsibility for safety and environmental compliance at Summit Casing Equipment rests with supervisors and our safety department.

Management and supervisors are expected to demonstrate leadership through displaying proper attitudes and providing the necessary resources and supervision to conduct activities safely and to help ensure compliance.

A collaborative effort will be demonstrated by all Summit Casing Equipment employees and departments in supporting health, safety, and environmental policies and procedures of our company.

Observing safety and environmental policies during the performance of their work is a fundamental and essential responsibility of every Summit employee.


Both adequate time and necessary measures must be taken to perform every task in safe and environmentally responsible manner – regardless of the importance or urgency of the activity.

It is imperative that all Summit employees actively promote and support this policy by observing applicable rules and continuously improving their safety and environmental skills by taking advantage of available training and resources.

Employees are encouraged to promptly report any unsafe conditions to their supervisors and the safety department.

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