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Announcing API Spec Q1 Certification

Summit Casing Equipment proudly announces they have received API Spec Q1 certification for its manufacturing facility

(Fort Worth, TX) – Summit Casing Equipment proudly announces they have received API Spec Q1 certification from the American Petroleum Institute (API) for its manufacturing facility. The certification process by API requires the highest standards of quality management and manufacturing through an on-site audit and evaluation. API officials performed the audit at Summit’s Fort Worth Manufacturing Campus, verifying Summit’s conformance with API Spec Q1 and ISO:9001.

“It is a significant accomplishment and very rare to receive an audit from API with zero findings,” said Jose Molina, Senior Engineer at Summit.

API is the largest association of interests in the oil and gas industry. The Spec Q1 along with ISO:9001 certifies that Summit’s manufacturing facility conforms to industry standards for processes and procedures. API Spec Q1 and ISO:9001 insures that Summit’s manufacturing process is backed by engineering support, trained personnel, and final inspections.

What makes Summit’s API Spec Q1 and ISO:9001 certifications unique is that this facility is dedicated to manufacturing solid body centralizers. Product certification is not available for solid body centralizers themselves, and most companies manufacturing these products do not go to the extent of having their facilities certified by API.

Summit’s team has been diligent to ensure they are going above and beyond to provide their customers with high-quality products. Designed and fabricated from ASTM grade steel, Summit’s solid body centralizers deliver maximum performance in the most challenging conditions.

“This certification from API reflects our commitment to providing the highest quality products and services to our customers,” said Dominic Padrta, Quality Assurance Manager at Summit.

Moving forward, Summit plans to have its additional manufacturing facilities at their Fort Worth campus certified in addition to the many products in their assortment of oilfield components they manufacture, market, and sell.


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