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Composite Centralizers
Summit's lineup of tough, lightweight, one-piece composite centralizers are designed for horizontal applications. It's revolutionary design features state-of-theart composite material and construction providing an extremely low coefficient of friction up to 4.7 times lower and a 40% weight reduction over other centralizers.

Our static coefficient of friction is 0.17 with OVER 800,000 SOLD! This centralizer is available in both straight and spiral blade configurations. With no vulnerable weak points, Summit centralizers resist high impact and wear, while maintaining integrity even in extreme temperatures.

Non-weld, Single Piece Centralizer, The Patriot-td
Engineered for difficult applications such as deviated, horizontal, and ERD wells, Summit's Patriot-TD Centralizer is a non-weld, one-piece integral constructed bowsping centralizer perfect for these extreme applications. The Patriot-TD Centralizer is the best centralizer on the market and outperforms similar competitor bows in standoff percentage, restoring forces and deflection distance.

The Patriot-TD Centralizer features contour bows that are formed to the specific open hole diameter minimizing drag and producing O starting and running forces.

Hinged bowspring centralizers
Summit Go Flex Bow Centralizers are fabricated with high quality alloy steel to provide optimum flexibility and reliability. Each tool is engineered to provide low starting forces (nearly 13 times lower than the maximum industry requirement), while maintaining a high restoring force up to 5.7 times higher than our competitors.

Solid Body Centralizers
Summit's solid body centralizers are fabricated with ASTM grade steel to perform in the most challenging conditions and are customizable to any application. Blade designs feature a blade leading edge that is designed to minimize torque and drag. Blade configurations include straight, spiral and half-moon shaped blade (which minimizes contact area while maintaining required standoff). Custom designs can be engineered upon request for special applications.

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