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The Summit Spectrum System
The Summit Spectrum System makes assembling a production string fast and easy

Summit Spectrum System

    • • Eliminates the hassle and headache of placing individual orders or running down missing parts. Every piece needed for a production string is included in the Spectrum package.
        • • No supply chain challenges. All Summit parts are proudly manufactured right here in the USA, no container ships required, so you can get what you need now!
      The Summit Spectrum System includes
      • • An option of Float Equipment or Integrated Shoe Track (IST), both with 10K or 15K valves
      • • SUREstart™ XP Toe Sleeve
      • • Summit Glass Flotation Sub
      • • Summit Latch-In Plugs – available in various configurations and sizes
      • • Summit Centralizers – available in a variety of styles, including hinged bow spring, solid steel body centralizer, composite, and one-piece slip-on bow centralizer

Other tools can be added to the package as needed. No more individual buying decisions or orders. No supply chain worries. With the Spectrum System it’s “One and Done!” A single buying decision gets you everything you need to assemble a production string.

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