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Float Equipment & Reamer Shoes

Summit Float Equipment features our exclusive Pro Guard valves for superior sealing performance at both low and high pressures. Summit has engineered float equipment capable of withstanding 5,000 psi, 10,000 psi and 15,000 psi back pressure capabilities. Each component is engineered and tested to exceed API 10F specification requirements. Phosphate and powder coatings provide corrosion and galling prevention, for extreme downhole performance. A variety of sizes, casing grades, weights, threads, valves, and nose configurations are available.

Our Razer Reamer Shoes help you get to total depth faster, no matter the obstacles. A unique eccentric nose maximizes maneuverability around obstructions and minimizes the amount of material removed during drill out. A unique design featuring Tungsten Carbide profile pads allows the reamer to pass through tight spots, while providing positive flow distribution for the debris to flow up hole and eliminate disturbances.

Looking for faster drill-outs? Summit float equipment and reamer shoe noses can be designed with a composite nose for faster drill out. Ask about our field study! Our composite nose material is our proprietary material which we mold in-house for tightened quality control. We also offer a Heavy Duty Reamer Shoe for aggressive formations, which features an eccentric bronze nose with lead cutting buttons.

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