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Summit Casing Equipment Recognized Again for Quality Manufacturing

Bow Springs and Composite Centralizers Meet Highest Manufacturing Standards

Fort Worth, TX – Summit Casing Equipment today proudly announced earning its second consecutive API Spec Q1 and ISO 9001 certification from the American Petroleum Institute for its bow spring and composite centralizer manufacturing processes- demonstrating they meet the highest quality standards.

“Receiving our second consecutive certification confirms our commitment to producing and delivering the highest-quality products to the oil and gas industry,” said Mitchel Hansen, the COO of Summit.

Summit Go Flex Bow Centralizers are fabricated with high-quality alloy steel and utilizing an advanced manufacturing processes to provide optimum flexibility and reliability. Each is engineered to provide low starting forces – nearly 13 times lower than the maximum industry requirement – while maintaining high restoring force: up to 5.7 times higher than our competitors. What’s more, Summit Go Flex Bow Centralizers are tested in accordance¬†with API¬†10D specification requirements, to ensure structural integrity, no fatigue failures, and ease of installation.

The TD LoCo composite centralizer features a low coefficient of friction, designed with one-piece composite construction. The rugged TD LoCo is designed for horizontal application, maintains integrity in extreme temperatures, and is resistant to high impact and wear. Even with its smooth, lightweight construction, the TD LoCo contains no vulnerable weak points.

“We’re not just making claims that we deliver the highest-quality products, we now have the proof in two consecutive certifications that we’ve met the highest standards,” said Dominic Padrta, Quality Assurance Manager for Summit.

Summit’s commitment to quality and the highest standards in its products is driving its efforts to gain an additional API certification at another manufacturing facility in addition to their oilfield products.

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